Blog Post 4 Comments

Blog Post 4 Comments

How To Improve Learning Transfer And Retention
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Connor’s Blog Post

Hi Connor, I liked your idea of a self-reflection back to a previous experience with healthcare. I feel that healthcare is such a universal experience for everyone that at least everyone would have an experience with the healthcare system. I also liked how you suggested the activity of submitting responses in the format of an online form. This can be an easy way to aggregate all the answers and do some analysis on what students have said, I also liked how you suggested automating parts of the feedback which is a pretty cool idea!

Jiyu’s Blog Post

Hi Jiyu, I enjoyed watching the video you shared. Using the comments section of a YouTube video is a great way to participate and read what others have to say about the video. Self-reflection is also a great method to get students to think about how to better their sleep since sleeping applies to everyone. Also you can share some experiences that you may have and someone may be experiencing the exact same thing.